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Aqua Alerts Water Activated Safety Band

Aqua Alert is a one-size-fits-all electronic “wrist band” device that emits a loud sound when it gets wet. Designed to fit toddlers to teens, the band has a locking attachment and fits snuggly on the child’s wrist. The face of the band contains electronic alarm components. If a child should fall into any body of water, the water completes a circuit in the Aqua Alert water activated wristband watch and triggers an alarm that sounds at about 110dB – similar to the piercing sound of a smoke detector. Aqua Alert’s sole function is as an alarm alert that assists parents with an audible warning to help them protect their child or children from a drowning or near drowning accident. Aqua Alert is NOT a flotation device; when any child is near water, parental vigilance and supervision is always required.

Prevent accidental drowning with the A100 Aqua Alert Water Actived Safety Band, an all-electronic wristband device designed for children that emits a loud piercing sound when it gets wet. With the Aqua Alert, you can give your child freedom to roam while still feeling secure that they're safe.

Technical Specifications

* Water Activated Alarm
* 110 db can be heard from over 150 feet away
* Shake band to disengage the alarm
* Early detection of drowning children
* Portable and Compact; great for pools, boating, lakes, or visiting homes with pools or bodies of water

Loud Alarm Can Be Heard 100 Feet Away

The Aqua Alert features a loud, piercing alarm that can be heard up to a hundred feet away. It emits sound at about 110dB, which is similar to the sound of a smoke detector. This alarm is activated when the device falls into a body of water, and the water completes a circuit. With your child wearing the Aqua Alert, you'll have the warning needed to prevent a drowning or near drowning accident.

*Note: The Aqua Alert is not a floatation device; when any child is near water, parental vigilance and supervision is always required.

Secure, Locking Attachment

The Aqua Alert was designed to fit the wrists of all children from toddlers to teens. It features a locking attachment, and it fits snuggly even on small children so you won't have to worry about it unknowingly slipping off.

In the U.S., drowning is the second leading cause of injury & death of infants & children younger than 15. No family should have to suffer the unimaginable anguish and grief of a drowning accident that could have been prevented.

A portion of Aqua Alert's sales are donated to Justin's Club. Justin's Club is a Non-Profit (501C3) Corporation established to help prevent childhood drowning and near-drowning incidents, providing treatment for children whose families cannot afford treatment costs, and for research through non-profit fundraising.

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